Hair Removal

At Celebrity Spa, we use top of the line lasers by Candela. The Candela GentleYAG is used for our laser hair removal procedures.

What to expect during the procedure:

The GentleYAG can be used on all skin types and delivers strong results with less pain due to a cryogenic cooling spray delivered onto the skin milliseconds before the pulsation of the laser. The GentleYAG Laser targets the pigmentation in the hair, traveling down the hair into the follicle, killing the cells around it in a safe, yet effective manner. Because the laser needs pigment in order to work, it is not able to target blonde, white, or gray hairs, rendering it ineffective in these cases. Each person may see varying results, requiring between six and twelve treatments spaced four to six weeks apart for desired results. Usually, patients will see reduction in three treatments.

What to do prior to your procedure:

In order to prepare for treatment, skin needs to be freshly shaven and clean, free from any makeup, lotions, or deodorants. In addition, it is important that patients refrain from tanning for at least one week before and after laser hair removal treatments to reduce the likelihood of hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation from occurring.